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Dogg Pound Gangsta Crips
The Name Of Tha "gang" of Snoop, Nate, Daz and Kurupt.. Some from Death Row Records
Dogg Pound Gangsta Is A DPG Thang ..
by cZL November 05, 2004
Dogg Poung Gangstas.
Still bangin' DPG, still claimin' 213.
by Stacey Biscuits April 22, 2004
Dogg Pound Gangsta.
Snoop Dogg is a D.P.G.
Nate Dogg is a D.P.G.
Ja Rule is not a D.P.G.
Alan Greenspan is not a D.P.G.
If someone is a D.P.G., they will probably shoot you.
by Nick D April 05, 2003
dogg pound gangstaz; comprised of nate dogg, snoop and kurupt
who down with dpg?
by lbzc June 18, 2003
Designated Phone Guardians are sober friends guarding your phone while you're too drunk to be trusted texting. A lifesaver for dealing with the unknown drunken texts the morning after.
omg! my fav dpg sooo just saved me frm drexting my boss I loved him…like wud of ben TOTALLY AWKWARD!!
by desertdesolate August 16, 2014
man look at her!! Aint she a D.P.G!!
by abigail n rache June 21, 2006
Abbreviation of Doubleplusgood, from 1984. Meant to replace "FTW" in internet vernacular.
Damn, quakecon rocked this year! Quakecon dpg!
by |thor| August 09, 2006

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