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A form of acrobatics where practitioners focus mainly on linking together chains of acrobatic kicks, flips and twists in combinations, or combos. Trickers train and can be found in many locations, including fields, Martial Arts dojos, Gymnastics gyms, and even public locales. People who trick are known as Trickers or Tricksters.
Situations involving tricking might include the following scenarios:

Gymnast #1: *in flamboyant voice* Oh my god! Those stupid trickers are taking up the entire floor again!
Gymnast #2: At least they aren't as bad as those Parkour-Freerunner guys...

Tricker: Hey TKD guy! Look what I can do: *does Cheat 900*
Martial artist: You know that's completely useless in a fight!

Tricker: *jumps into random Bboy circle* Oh hai guyz! *does raiz swing thru cork*
Bboys: wtf gtfo you ain't got no rhythm! *does some top rockin, then goes into a 1990 to freeze*

Tricker #1: Dude I wanna battle youz!
Tricker #2: But I am le tired! It's totally like the end of the session!

by the_guy_the_guy February 23, 2009
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