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Pieces of fabric shaped and stitched so that they may be worn on the body. Are increasingly becoming a symbol of social status.
Many people are being classified based on what kind of clothes they wear. You've probably done it, too.
by Matt March 25, 2005
345 113
The most effective form of contraception.
Gavin dry-humped Roberta on the bus. Since they both wore clothes, copulation was avoided.
by Killing Kittens November 03, 2006
233 56
The most useless invention in the history of mankind, in fact we'd all benefit from not wearing clothes.
Man: Yo man clothes are useless!

Woman: I already took mine off!
by Dead Woman Walking October 28, 2008
90 35
exessive weight worn on the body.
I don't wanna wear clothes. Its too much to carry.
by ive been jammin @ May 28, 2008
61 29
cloth put on one's body only when necissary
driving on the road is optional, like pants
by slab October 19, 2004
85 56
Something that is made from almost any type of fabric and it worn on your body. Also used for some people to judge other people to make themselves feel better. (cause their stupid)
Girl: "Like OMG where did you get those clothes?!"
by Gemini18 December 27, 2007
50 24