1. a person (usually females) who uses thier body to get worldy possesions.

see slutbucket
ooooh girl, he got diamonds!! Trick on that nigga!
by tee hee January 23, 2004
mens my bitch on the corner sealing my do an if it dont come in then sh'ell get bitched slaped for sure
silly rabbit tricks are 4 kids -lil jj ; off of cross over
by shamaira starks July 26, 2007

Prostitutes who have sex for money = turning tricks
yous a trick-bitch!!
by Mindi March 26, 2005
1. Forget what they say; Fuck Them and what they think.

Usually when you blow off somebodies ideas or plans.

2. Biotch!!

3. A person who fixes their ride and booms their system.
Trick the dumb, dude...I'm outta this weak azz party!

What up, trick!

Tricksters in Florida are weak as hell...That shit be outdated for 3 years!
by Mexican Mike February 08, 2005
1. a paradox of nature
2. a person who does not have an apparent sex. (like "it's pat")
Whoa! Look over there. That's a trick dike right there.
by I Dance Jigs March 12, 2003
THE best book you will ever read in your life, by Ellen Hopkins. Should be read by anyone 14 and up. This book is about five different kids' journeys and how they all end up in Vegas trying to survive by performing "tricks" that are taking their selves away from them and replacing them with dirty, filthy prostitutes that they don't want to be.

Altogether an amazing, but horrifyingly real story about 5 young, terrified kids stuck in Sin City with no way to get out.
Girl: I'm looking for a book as addicting as heroin, but actually real so I will finish it knowing things I've never even thought about before.
Me: Girl, you are talking about Tricks.
by ttttthetrickster December 28, 2010

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