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A degrading name for a peer, especially a woman. Some believe it came from calling someone a "total prick". See tease.
Look at Lauren over there playing all those boys. What a trick.
by Olympian Maximus May 31, 2007
2 10
a Sucker, someone who gets played again, again an again
you paid for her way again, you are a big Trick
by Techsoul March 22, 2005
4 12
a roll in the hay with a prostitute.
She was a fine trick.
by s.f. June 14, 2004
7 15
when you are the butt of a joke.
yeah that beer i just gave you...i pissed in it. you've been tricked. *for kevin french*
by anonymous March 09, 2003
4 12
noun, verb, & adjective. One who is easily aroused and is irresponsible/distracted by the prospect of a sexual encounter/experience.
If you "make it rain", but you don't donate to a charity equal amounts of $, then you're a trick.
by Break Yourself October 16, 2008
2 11
when something is no good, totally fucked up, and bad
Yo, I used to work at the Market on Yates...that place is trick! I fukn can't stand that place!
by ILO May 16, 2007
1 10
1. a person (usually females) who uses thier body to get worldy possesions.

see slutbucket
ooooh girl, he got diamonds!! Trick on that nigga!
by tee hee January 23, 2004
5 14