when you are the butt of a joke.
yeah that beer i just gave you...i pissed in it. you've been tricked. *for kevin french*
by Anonymous March 09, 2003
a person who tries to be something other than themselves, usually a female
Someone who turns others away from you.
she thinks she is cool. That "trick"
by seventh lover December 09, 2008
noun, verb, & adjective. One who is easily aroused and is irresponsible/distracted by the prospect of a sexual encounter/experience.
If you "make it rain", but you don't donate to a charity equal amounts of $, then you're a trick.
by Break Yourself October 16, 2008
Scott the Skoalman. Likes to munch on butt.
In math, when you learn a formula that makes things a lot easier, many people say "God, why didn't you teach us that Scott before?" Scott essentially=trick
by Scott Coleman January 10, 2008
when something is no good, totally fucked up, and bad
Yo, I used to work at the Market on Yates...that place is trick! I fukn can't stand that place!
by ILO May 16, 2007
Daniella...You know, the one from Arby's.
Damn that Daniella trick, why is she flirting with the customers?
by MarQu1s April 01, 2005
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