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1. When young children ask their parent(s) where babies come from, the most popular lie *ahem* I mean response is to say, "Oh the stork bought you."

A stork is a large white bird which I know little about.

So basically your parents tell you that a giant bird grabbed a small baby in its mouth and randomly bought it to two people. Or one person as the case may be. In reality your parents probably had wild sex and your mom forgot her pill.

2. 'Stork' is also a brand of margerine which comes in round tubs.

3. It could also be a misspelling of stalk, when one person or persons obsess about and attempt to follow another person or persons without detection.
1. "Mummy, where do babies come from?"
"Oh the stork brought you."
"Do you think I'm stupid mummy, you charge £300 a go."

2. "Yumm, pass the synthetic butter...what's it called?"
"Yes, I need to smother Stork over myself."

3. "I'm going to stork Jane tonight."
"You mean stalk?"
"Oh shush I'm talking aloud, you can't hear my misspelling!"
by Zelda199 March 14, 2007
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derives from the German work for erection ... thus it makes a lot of sense that the stork bring babies ..
die storke ist huge

by wordsmith1001 February 07, 2008
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n. a tall, lanky girl who wears short-shorts, causing her legs to resemble long, slender stork-like limbs. Generally storks are stuck up bitches.
Guy 1: Dude, look at all those hot chicks in them shorts!

Guy 2: What, you mean those storks, those are some stuck up bitches.
by StorkPatrol May 07, 2009
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A woman you loves to give head have dudes nut in her mouth. She carries dudes' babies around in her mouth, hence the reference to the word stork (like a stork who delivers babies).
That chick is a stork yo! She be swallowin' mad babies.
by M Dids July 10, 2008
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Can replace any adjectives or verb.
"That was a storkin' party last night!"
"Yeah, I got storked last night by six girls!"
by Heidi and Jacob March 12, 2007
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(1) ' n. A large wading bird with long legs and a long beak of the family Ciconiidae. ' -- Wiktionary

(2) ' According to European folklore, the stork is responsible for bringing babies to new parents. The legend is very ancient, but was popularised by a 19th-century Hans Christian Andersen story called "The Storks". '

-- Wikipedia { }

' Harry's wife, Grace, was stretched out on a chaise longue . . . She was smoking a small cigar in a long holder made from the legbone of a stork. A stork was a large European bird, about half the size of a Bermuda Ern. Children who wanted to know where babies came from were sometimes told that they were brought by storks. People who told their children such a thing felt that their children were too young to think intelligently about {sex}.

' And there were actually pictures of storks delivering babies on birth announcements and in cartoons and so on, for children to see . . .

' Dwayne Hoover and Harry LeSabre saw pictures like that when they were very little boys. They believed them, too. '

-- From Kurt Vonnegut's 1973 novel "Breakfast of Champions" -- Chapter 15 (pages 162 - 163).
by Dinkum August 28, 2013
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Stupid-Dork. Origionally combined to create a word that could be written on someones hand without them knowing it was an insult.
Man, ur a stork!
by Lydi April 29, 2004
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