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The beautiful ancestral tongue of the English people. It is a West Germanic language, which first arrived in the British Isles with the Anglo-Saxons, and it shares common roots with German, Dutch and Flemish. Its closest relative is the Frisian language of the northern Netherlands.
Old English should be taught as a Second language in English schools.
by Brimwylf September 14, 2005
AkA Krunk juice. A 40oz. Cost 3$ and it gets the job done.
Old English, My crunk Juice
by JonnyC April 15, 2005
common english language phrases and means of expression including typical terms uttered by people who fart dust.
Did that guy just call me a doll?

Yeah, but its ok, I think he meant well.

Oh look, he just farted dust.
by nick May 23, 2005
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