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The newest internet meme viral craze; a bit like planking and owling, except you stand on one leg like a stork. You then take a picture and post it on facebook/twitter. The weirder the location, the better.
Yo dude take a photo of me storking on this police car!
by storker July 16, 2011
16 3
stroking ones penis to increase length and girth in an attempt to impress peers.
Conner quit storking your dick you tool.
by brantford winstonworth TGOPBB April 07, 2011
13 5
When one watches a couple do the deed.
A combination of 'stork' and 'stalking'
The chief stork is storking the couple and that way he knows when to deliver the babies.
by Lakeside Mansion April 13, 2009
12 7
to conceive a child without the method known as 'fucking the clit'. as it is the alternative method to write a nice letter to the stork and hope he has a baby left in his prison full of pregnant ladys.
"oh darling would you fuck my clit so we could have a baby?
not tonight dear lets just do a tad of Storking, you call the stork and i will take out another morgage" - classy British couple
by Jedi Peacekeeper November 30, 2005
15 22
a sexual act in which a girl receives a very long penis (like the bill of a stork) into her vagina.
The girl is so obsessed with storking that she takes men with a short penis as her pet aversions.
by uttam maharjan November 28, 2011
7 17