a crazy man named stork who is retarted
storks is seriously a retard
by jhon March 15, 2005
v: to stalk, or follow, a stork

n: anyone particularly cool or storklike

(is also the root of many other words such as storkathon, and storker)
wow, saturday will be crazy, we're having a storkathon

"hey, quit storking me, you storker"
"but you're just so storky i can't help myself!!"
by the three storks May 14, 2005
A tall, lanky individual, most commonly named Matt, that slightly resembles a large bird with feather like hair. This individual also likes to steal Bic lighters for sport.
Man I got storked last night, can I borrow your lighter ?
Buddy I have been storking everyone lately look at all the lighters I have!
Matt has to be awake early so that he can cock-a-doodle-do at the crack of dawn. What a stork?
by Sharmzatron September 14, 2015
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