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the process of no longer being alive.
by Kalashnikov June 01, 2003
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A very simple yet blunt insult / rebuttal
(person 1) Hey brother! How the fuck you doing today? Wanna come hang out for a while dude?
(person 2) die
by dtraeger October 15, 2005
pass away
pass on
lose one's life
breathe one's last
meet one's end
meet one's death
lay down one's life
go the way of all flesh
go to one's last resting place
go to meet one's maker
cross the great divide
slip away
give up the ghost
kick the bucket
buy it
turn up one's toes
cash in one's chips
bite the big one
check out
buy the farm
depart this life
join the choir invisible
shuffle off the mortal coil
hop the perch
run down the curtain
He died
by Ky'lath July 18, 2008
noun. Singular form of dice.
Go ahead and roll the die. You loose the bet, you're gonna die.
by FuzzyDice March 11, 2008
To be fed up and want the situation to end...
Teacher: Hey buddy you aint done your homework
Me: Die
by matthew cunningham January 14, 2007
The act of drinking too much alcohol, resulting in vomiting and/or blacking out.
Carla: Hey, Tay! So how did Saturday night go??
Taylor: I definitely died.
Carla: Ohhh... dang.
by Gibbay January 11, 2010
Guitarist of extremely popular Visual Kei band Dir en Grey. Has a thing with having red hair.
Moi: God, will Die ever dye (haha) his hair any other colours?!
by shinyaddict June 22, 2005

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