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One who has been given additional tarts.
Tartmobile vendor: Here is your extra tart sir. Consider yourself retarted.
Tartmobile customer: Yes thank you I am certainly retarted and happy!
by underdogFromLux August 18, 2006
A retarded person's way of spelling the word "retarded."
Ex: Han Solo is retarded for making a definiton for the word retarted without knowing how to spell it correctly.

by Kfizzle April 13, 2006
The mongo spelling of the word retarded.
I am retarted. (yes you are!)
by Super Cool Joe May 13, 2003
Mis-spelling of the word retarded.
What the hell is a retart?
by DCI August 18, 2005
What you are if you spell it like this.
moron: u r retarted!!!!!
Me: Learn how to spell retard, you retard.
by David555 April 08, 2006
The past tense for an additional application of tart.
I hit my brother upside the head with a pop tart. I then retarted him with the second one from the package. - Keige
by Sep August 13, 2007
Perhaps the most ironic "word" in the history of ever. Frequently preceded by "your" in extreme cases.
"Hey libtards, YOUR RETARTED LOLOLOL!!!" - George W. Bush
by voidsoul May 11, 2009
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