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Some Guy who is as hot or nearly as hot as Prince William
Look at the guy he is so Prince William
by Mandi April 12, 2005
A person who is associated with the industrial music scene.
Rivetheads are familiar with the name Gary Numan
by mandi November 28, 2003
when talking online, the act of giving a *virtual* kiss..
aww i got to go now baby, but ill t2ul.. love yas *muahz*<3
by mandi January 05, 2005
A slightly halucinagic substance (aka the stickey ickey ickey) green, and sometimes red or purpleish if it's good, in color. It gives a euphoric feeling and sometimes makes you wanna fuck. Other names are Marijuana, Mary Jane, the funk, bud...and the list goes on and on for us pot heads.
Hey man...know where to get any good boodah?
by Mandi January 15, 2004
A:a protector of the unknown lol!
B:penis protector
C:something ppl like to blow up (like a balloon!)
1:TROJAN MAN!!!!!!
2:*dont worry im protected!*
by mandi December 11, 2004
you agree to do something
"i'm up to it"
"i'll do it w/ ya"
by Mandi April 26, 2004
two females or males giving the same male a blow job
I got double head from Anne and John last night.
by mandi December 05, 2003
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