1. A person with hair that is from strawberry blonde to aurburn. The best haircolour.

Girls with red hair are very beautiful and amazing, with ninja powers. Asian men love redheads. They tend to be very smart in addition to stunningly gorgeous.
Yunho: Hey man look at that redhead!
Changmin: She is so fine. I'd marry her.
by ginganinja:) May 13, 2011
A red head is an amazingly strong person with beautiful reddish hair. They are compassionate and one of the most loving people you will ever meet. Every day they put up with being called gingers and harsh words.

Anyone with red hair who deals with this do not believe a single word! You are beautiful and unique and an amazing person. And to those of you who pick on those gorgeous red heads you are a stupid but-face and what you are doing is mean and hurtful and I hope you realize how wrong it is and apologize to those lovely people you have bullied.
Famous red heads:

Queen Elizabeth the 1st

Shawn White

Vincent Van Gogh

Carol Burnett

And many many others!
by A person who speaks her mind October 22, 2013
Somebody with red hair, ranging from ethereal strawberry blond to sensuous dark auburn. Red hair is a recessive gene and often skips a generation in families.

Blue, green, or grey eyes and peaches-and-cream complexion often go hand-in-hand with red hair, often with freckles. Redheads almost always burn in the sun and are thus vulnerable to skin cancer.

While redheads are admired in the United States, in Britain there's a strange hostility to them; perhaps because of historic association of red hair with the Irish and Scottish (whose populations are porportionately 10% and 13% of natural redheads, respectively), "gingers" are often openly insulted and treated with disdain, plus there's the bizarre claim that "gingers have no souls" (although given the "comedian" Carrot Top, it's understandable).

Still, redheads are also stereotyped as fiery-tempered and very lustful. This is part of the adoration of redheaded women, although redheaded men don't get enough attention.
Depending on where one is, a redhead is often called "carrot top", "ginger", or "rusty"; the association with the "comedian" is unwanted, "ginger" can be comedic or insulting, and "rusty" hardly sounds like a compliment.

Some nice alternative adjectives for redhead include: cinnamon, nutmeg, copper, russet, gingerbread, turmeric, fox, burgundy, cayenne, pomegranate, fiery, flame, scarlet, crimson, carmine, saffron, and titian.

Famous redheads include: Nicole Kidman, Julianne Moore, Ewan McGregor, Maureen O'Hara, Katherine Hepburn, Prince Harry, Rupert Grint, Bonnie Wright, Elizabeth I, Conan O'Brien, Vincent Van Gogh, Eddie Redmayne, Winston Churchill, Shirley Manson, Molly Ringwald, Marilyn Monroe, Eric Stolz, J K Rowling, Karen Gillan, Ron Howard, Jennie McAlpine, Michael C. Hall, and Tori Amos, among others.
by Lorelili November 04, 2012
sometimes we are angry people but this is a generalisation. ... do people yell down the street at asians. yes! but they are frowned upon and called racist. i ask you what are you if you dis a redhead.... a fucktard or as i like to say fagnut.
Redheads are simply blondes with heart! ... carrot tops are green
by x0x--T--x0x December 24, 2006
most are girls theres very few these days and they are cautious in sun bc theyre hair looks orange in the bright light im a redhead and i consider us short tempered brave and amazing we get pissed when we see other how obvious it is when people try dyin there hair the same some redheads eventually loose there color and it turns brunnette were fucking sexy ;)
by blondie(: October 16, 2010
A person with strawberry blonde hair- auburn. They are known to be very attractive,brave, AMAZING in bed, unique, and have blue or green eyes. They do not always has pasty skin, covered in freckles, or a fire croch. People have been getting carried away with this misconception and it needs to end, we have feelings to! We are sexy bitches, so back off, we dont deal with BS.
Girl: eww a ginger!
boy: i know, what a fire croch!
redhead girl: go to hell u a**holes
Boy 2: dont mess with her, shes hot as hell and great in bed!
redhead: ya damn right;)
by strawberry hazel December 20, 2011
The term "redhead" is used to describe a person, namely of the female gender, who has red hair. Though, is set apart for actually being attractive, unlike their sibling species, the ginger. Redheads are beautiful, cute, and can have ginger traits (pale skin, freckles, blue or green eyes), but undoubtedly appears exotic and extraordinary when they have brown eyes and/or tan skin. These genes are rare though, so good for you if you ever spot one! Redheads can be "fiery-tempered", having a stubborn personality too, but are also kind-hearted, fun to be around, and are crazy intelligent. Get to know a redhead...they're pretty much awesome.
"Woah, did you see that chick?!"

"Who? The redhead?!"

"Yeah, man she fineeee"
by thechosenoneofcourse June 18, 2013
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