unique and rare men and women. most red headed women are believed to be beautiful,on the other hand, red headed men are believed to be ugly and unattractive. Thay are also believed to have short tempers. But not all red heads have short tempers and not all red headed men are ugly and unatractive.
I myself am a redhead male. But, i am constantly told that i "look good", "am cute", and that " im hot".And im not just being full of myself, these are actual things people have told me. So not all red headed men are unattractive!
by strawberry blonde 8099567 November 27, 2011
sassy , great in bed , fun , unforgettable , irresistible , confident , sexy
Did you see that red head ?
by hhhyyydddeee February 02, 2016
A beautiful young woman that is very patient and that puts up with a lot. Her friends don't notice but she is going through a giant amount of stress but doesn't show it. She is a strong enabled woman that does what she wants and doesn't need a man to do it for her. She is extremely athletic and competitive. She also loves animals and all of her friends. She has abundant self control and never gives up. She ignores pain and toughs it out. No guy can ever compare to this badass woman!
This redhead is awesome!
by Skylark May 16, 2016
It's when a girl wearing red lipstick sucks your dick and the tip of your dick gets reddish.
Man , that thot gave me a blowjob and I got a Red Head you know what I'm sayin'!
by Lolin' in da Club January 03, 2015
Red hair is a mutation of the blonde gene. Red heads are just blondes in disguise.
Red heads sold their soul for brains, they're basically zombies.
by Blitzen107 November 18, 2014
When oral sex is performed from female to male while the female is menstruating. Usually the act is brought on due in part to the fact that the female is incapable of vaginal intercourse, but is easily aroused, as her hormones are rushing at a higher rate. See: blowjob week
My girlfriend's on her period so we can't have sex, but I expect to get redhead later.
by KniggyByk January 12, 2012
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