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The best and rarest pubic hair colour, commonly possessed by redheads but can also appear on people with other hair colours.

Highly sought-after, especially in women. Men are often fascinated and obsessed with them.
"Don't shave your ginger pubes, a ginger bush is so beautiful and rare and it really turns me on"
by littleredfox July 13, 2009
is a compliment commonly used for red headed people to state the fact that their pubic region is ginger.
red headed people often proud about this and say that they are great, which is true.
sarah: alrite ginger pubes?
emma: yeah im alright. how about you?
sarah: yer alrite ... cya GINGE!
by BigusRedus February 07, 2005
Prince Harry has ginger pubes.
Man off camera: Do you have ginger pubes?
Prince Harry: Sorry?
Man off camera: Are your pubes ginger too?
Prince Harry: Yes they are.
by Fanieee January 10, 2009
Pubescent hair with no soul. Primarily from Redheads a.k.a. Gingers
When redheads turn 13, they start to grow ginger pubes
by MahLyefAsGingerr June 20, 2011
A fiery red forrest to warn off crabs from the impending vile smelling doom that awaits them.
Crab: What be dat den, over der.

Ginger pubes: cum closer and burn your eyes and nostrils.

Crab: Cripes, going a bit blind

Ginger pubes: Dats it, dats the way.

Crab: Its over man, smelly curtains.
by Kev McGirly April 21, 2011
Once used as a derogatory term for ginger people, ginger pubes has evolved into a standard greeting to all ginger people. Some more esoteric variations include carrot crotch, red rug, rusty nuts and of course singing "ginger pubes, ginger pubes" to the tune of "Peggy sue". Can also be pronounced ginga poobs when the joke gets tired.
Phil: oi oi ginger pubes! how's it hanging?

Simon: not three bad mate, how's you now?

Phil: sound, mate, sound. (sings): GINGER PUBES, GINGER PUBES, GINGER GINGER

Simon: I'm gonna stab you tonight.

Phil: Not with that sunburn you won't, carrot crotch!
by lucothefish August 16, 2006
Ginger pubes are the luck/poor souls whos pubes match their hair colour up and downstairs. GP for short.

This is commonly attributed to women and for a woman to mention it would be unrefined. Too a female school teacher with GP, she will find it derogatory and dump your a**.

To a newbie, this term will bring a couple of minutes of entertainment. Said quickly enough most people don't get it and you may midly snigger to yourself and possie. After explaining this term, you will be one of the boys.

It's little known fact and having researched/experience in this department, some GP may be blonde rather than red downstairs. As the years go by, GP go darker orange upstairs, downstairs may remains light red. When approaching a GP for the first time, do bring this topic up and don't forget to keep the light on to enjoy your first time experience!

The highest proportion of ginger pubes can be found in Scottish Highlands where 1 in 9 are ginger pubes. GP fun occurs during 20 - 40 years of age. Then recycle and continue enjoyment.
Alok: Is she a redhead?
Guido: You know what I am like.
Alok: Does she have ginger pubes?
Guido: What else?
Alok: Ginger pubes, Ginger pubes!
by Glyder October 22, 2006

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