its a nickname that people call the drug oxycontin because the 60mg pills are red colored
whats up with sum red heads dogg im trying to get fucked up tonight homie
by lunydogg August 20, 2011
some one with red hair. People with red hair are usually but not always paler than the general population. Most red heads are white or asian.
My friend justin is a red head.
by Redi March 18, 2007
Something who only Drews can like or love
I love Red Heads
by 219301283 February 21, 2009
red head - 1. a person with red hair.

2. The sexual act of giving or recieving a blowjob immediately after circumcision or while the penis is bleeding.
Boy 1: red head hurts soo much.

Boy 2: I bet it would
by DickHurtz213 December 26, 2009
Felacio, dome, brain, blowjob or head in which the giver uses too much teeth (or bites) resulting in blood being drawn from the receiving member.
Guy 1: Dude you know that chick Paula with the crazy horse teeth?
Guy 2: Ya
Guy 1: She gave me Red Head it was horrible!
by SwagFiend December 28, 2009
A person with extremely red hair that might burst into flames at any given moment.
Dude did you see the Red Head?

Better bring a fire extinguisher.
by The Bearer Of Define-Thingys April 05, 2009
Girls=beautiful (unless it's frizzy and orange)

Guys...not so much.
Redheaded girls are beautiful and rare but red haired guys are well, nasty and hopeless.
by heythere May 13, 2008

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