The most awesome of the hair color types.
Most redheaded women are incredibly beautiful.
Most redheaded guys are tough looking...but most women aren't that attracted to them.

Many Redheads think they have the right to have short tempers.

Some even think they are devil spawn or vampires/vampresses.

Either way...redhead women are HOTT.
(group of hott women walks by two guys)
Guy 1: wow...she is amazingly hott.
Guy 2: yeah...she is.
Guy 1: you know who I was talking about right?
Guy 2: yep. The redhead.
Guy 1: heck yeah!
by March 26, 2010
A person born with hair which is almost entirely red.

American Redheads are typically associated with fighsty personalities likely due to being treated differently at a young age. This attitude is more a product of environment than genetics.

Protip: While a Brunette's hair in the sun looks red, a Redhead in the sun looks like heaven on earth.
While I swore Sarah and Katie from the club were both Redheads; it was clear in both deed and morning sun Sara was the true Redhead.
by CDubbs684 April 14, 2009
These girls are the most beautiful on earth. No other girls can match their amazing good looks.
That girl was fiinnneee" - "Yeah, she was a redhead"
by StudMan69z21 June 27, 2011
girls or boys who have red hair. often they will have skin on the paler side and usually, but not always, have at least a few freckles. redheads are rumored to have short tempers but that is not always true.
strawberry blonde: i'm totally a redhead all the way
legit redhead: um, no
strawberry blonde: why not?
legit redhead: 'cause you're a lot closer to being a blonde than a real redhead, kthnx.
by i am a redhead September 13, 2009
a readhead is someone that many say are plae with frizzy hair and blue or green eyes. which is true. but i must say never have i seen a frizzy haired redhead. red heads are known to be sexy in the eyes of men. they are either hot or not no in between. or so some say. i would have to say that is false. redheads only make up 3 percent of the worlds population. so the rarity attracts people. redheads are known to have a bad temper. i am a red head and my parents say that i dont get mad at anything. everyone at school asks if i ever get mad. and i really dont. apparently redheads are known to be teased for there hair color. i have never been teased. for guy redheads some may be unattractive but that is if you havent watched harry potter. i attract many guys for some reason. many girl redheads are complimented on there hair color. i personally am. if someone attempts to insult me i find it halarious and agree. like hey carrot top i just say hey back usually people give up. my mane nickname is red real creative. i dont see how ginger is an insult... most redhead girls attract more intelegent and attractive men... thats all i have to say from expierence
guy: dang shes hot!
guy2: i know right?
guy: you know who im talking about?
guy2: that sexy redhead?
guy: yeah!
redhead overhears
redhead: heeeey
by grrawrbearah July 29, 2010
Well, some person defining redheads claimed you aren't a natural redhead if you have frizzy hair... that's wrong. I'm a natural redhead female with frizzy hair. Also, girls are teased for their hair color and paleness too and it happens everyday to me. Don't add to definitions if you don't know what you are talking about.

Example happened the other day.
"You know you are really pale."- guy

"I know.. it's kind of obvious." - redhead

"No, like you are pasty pale. Like pale, pale." - guy

"Uhmm, shut your whore mouth." - redhead
by why do you care. April 04, 2010
someone whos got red hair
The red head girl, robyn balden, worships mehrzad night and day
by marmarian October 09, 2007
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