A person obtaining a red shade of hair color varying from strawberry blonde to auburn. One often has a light complexion and/or freckles. Redheads are also commonly stereotyped to have a short temper.
The strawberry blonde was annoyed when people accused her of not being a redhead.
by igiveup1 July 18, 2006
Redheads are people who get teased frequently for their hair colour. Does hair colour really matter? To be honest I think people who tease them are completely horrible, and people laugh at them when they say about being teased and that they're just over reacting to it, but would you like to walk down the road and have random people screaming abuse at you?! Trust me, it happens.

Some people view it as beautiful, some as quirky, some as gross. It's a personal opinion.

We're stereotyped for having pale skin, freckles, blue/green eyes and a bad temper. Not all of this is true, I have a friend who has titian hair and she tans, I have another friend with auburn hair and she has brown eyes, I personally hardly have frekcles, and only one of the 3 of us mentioned there has a bad temper.

Don't judge us by our hair.
Guy 1: Dude, that redheads gorgeous, I love her hair!
Guy 2: Ewww no what a ginger minger! Her hairs gross!
Guy 3: Who really cares about her hair??

Girl 1: Those guys are staring at me...
Girl 2: Maybe they think you're hair is sexy!
Girl 1: No chance, I hate it! Nobody likes gingers.
Girl 1: Oh shhhh! I'd do you anyday!
by Lil Ginge June 14, 2008
A person with red hair. Known to have short-tempers, high sex drive, they dont take other peoples crap, and are wild and crazy in bed. Only 1% to 2% in the whole world has red hair. They are exotic and very sexy.
Wow that redhead is really hot
by Maddiee21031 February 24, 2010
Someone with red hair. Can be light or dark, as long as it's red. Common misconception that redheaded guys are ugly - not true. There are hot guys with red hair. They are rare treasures.
Lindsay Lohan and Eric Stoltz are redheads.

My boyfriend has red hair and he is sensitive and sweet. He is even-tempered. I have a bad temper, and I'm a brunette.
by Soo doh nimm September 11, 2008
A. Term used to describe a person with red hair see fire crotch; characteristicly quick tempered.

B. Term used commonly to refer to the most amazing girl I've ever met. Bold, opinionated, free-spirited, and beautiful. Has an addictive personality, and really smooth legs. Absolutely one of a kind.
"Why are you staring out into space?"
"Oh, I'm just thinking about that crazy red head."
by withoutwax1618 January 05, 2009
-most amazing in bed, will give you the ride of your life

-very freaky in many good ways


-gets a long of a lot of different people

-stands out in a crowd
Jon: Hey Steve you never will believe what happened last night.
Steve:What man?
Jon:I experienced my first red head!
Steve: Man, your so lucky, I hear there the best in bed!!!
Jon: Oh heck yes they are!!!!!
by top25bc February 27, 2011
A person with hair a shade of red or orange. My personal favourite hair colour, it is the rarest hair colour to possess. Around 1 in 50,000 people have red hair. A large number of males are particularly attracted to red-headed females, a lot having something of a fetish for them. Red-headed males get the shorter end of the stick, usually victims to bullying etc. They are also thought to usually have pale skin and freckles. True redheads additionally possess green eyes.
Immature people insult redheads, insults include 'ginger', 'fire-crotch' and 'carrot-top'. I also want to add to any redheads reading this, be proud of your hair colouring, it's hot~! (Excuse the pun)
Guy 1: "Wow, look at that redhead!"
Guy 2: "What a hottie, I've always had a thing for redheads."
Guy 1: "Me too."
by PlayfulPenguin July 28, 2007

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