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to take a chance or go ahead with a risky manuever

Also known as Running it
When the traffic light turns yellow, and you're not sure if you can make it, you're buddy yells "run it" and you speed up and barely get through it.

You decide not to study for the final exam and just run it.
by JPrue June 01, 2007
A phrase that if yelled at a party, justifies ANY otherwise taboo action or statement that precedes it.

Can be used in any situation.
You are blackout drunk and a kid tries to get you to vomit for your own good at a party. You pull a knife out on him and everybody freaks out and then you scream RAPTOR SURPRISE. Everybody then laughs and forgets about the previous action.

Great if used as a hashtag on twitter as well.
by jprue February 27, 2012
A particularly good musical album (a CD) that is listened to from the Center to the Circumference of the disc, similarly to how the disc is played. This means the CD is so great that its listened to from beginning to end, listening to all the songs in order, without skipping any.
Linkin Park's Meteora is a CC Album, because once its started its difficult to stop it because the music is so good. Green Day's Warning is NOT an example of a CC Album because whenever i turn it on, i skip through all the garbage to the one good song, which is Minority
by JPrue August 15, 2007
In rare occasions a redhead girl will be attractive (lindsay lohan) but for the most part are not. Being a redhead is never good for a dude. ever.
chick 1: That dude is so loud, and ummm not attractive
chick 2: Duh, he's a redhead
by JPrue August 21, 2007
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