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A bullet
You about to catch a hot one.
by SmackAhoe July 24, 2003
49 9
word used to ask someone if they want a bong (cone) instead of saying the actual word just to keep it on the down low.
"want some hot ones mate?"

"hot ones all round?"

"packing some hot ones bro"
by bobs journey May 30, 2008
5 7
To smoke a bong, cone, or bowl of marijuana.
"Can I have another 'hot one'?"
by Diego August 21, 2003
14 18
one dollar
Hit me up with a "hot one".
by PsychoJohn April 18, 2003
8 15
To recieve an "F." This includes: on a test, paper, or for a final class grade.
"Jeff How'd you do on that test?" "Man, I got a hot one!"
by Baybay boo June 04, 2006
5 16
A hot, smelly fart.
While driving up to Montreal, Chris blew a hot one in the car.
by Chris Delguidice November 17, 2006
8 20
Hot one is the new slang term for a one dollar bill used mainly by African Americans(A.K.A. Blacks)
Black Guy 1: yo my nig wanna bounce ova to Roscos on 5th street and nab some chicken?
Black Guy 2: Naw dogg unless u can shoot me a hot one.

Black Guy: Yo dogg can i borrow a hot one?
White Guy: What???
Black guy: let me rephrase that...Excuse me friend may i borrow a dollar please?
White Guy: Sure why didnt you say so?
by DJ_JD August 26, 2007
3 20