Modification. Usually done to either a video game console, computer case, video game, or vehicle.
Video Game Console Mod: Qoob Mod Chip for the Nintendo Gamecube which allows a person to run Linux off of the system.

Computer Case Mod: A fiberglass window in the side of the case to see the internal workings of a system, usually accompanied by water cooling, LED-infused cooling fans, and/or cold-cathode lighting.

Video Game Mod: See also: Counter Strike, or any Unreal Tournament 2004 mods.

Vehicular Mod: Cold Air Intake, free-flowing Exhaust work, high-flow catalytic converter, cam shafts, ported and polished upper and lower intake manifolds, specifically tuned Power Control Module (PCM), turbochargers, intercoolers, superchargers, or even engine swaps can all be considered modifications. Also, ricers, those who fall under the category of rice can consider what they have 'mods'. Shopping-cart style wings, exhaust tips larger than 3", ground effects that scrape speed bumps when you go over them, etc. These types of people are usually frowned upon by the real car modifying community. It is usually prudent to tell them to get a real car, and to learn about what performance really is.
#rice #modification #race #half life 2 #unreal tournament 2004
by RockGuitarist2201 September 30, 2006
Short for "modifications." Usually applied to aftermarket work on cars.
I just stopped by Autozone, I have a few more mods to add to my car tonight.
by Anonymous May 30, 2003
Mod is a dandified youth subculture that developed and was strongest in the 1960's, but has experienced many reincarnations since then and is still very much in existance.

As with many subcultures, the defining characteristics are clothing and music, both of which become an obsession for Mods. The clothing has a vintage, well-taylored, and peacockish look, favoring bright patterns, plenty of color, brands like Ben Sherman and Fred Perry, and slim-cut, three button suits (preferrably Italian) in the style of the sixties. The favored music of Mods is varied rather widely but, for the most part, shares the characteristic of being danceable. Favored genres include old school Ska, Soul, and R&B as well as New Wave, Britpop, and some things that, today, are heaped into the rather loose label of "Alternative Rock".

Another defining characteristic of Mods is their chosen mode of transportation, the Italian moterscooter (most notably Vespa and Lambretta). Not everyone who rides a scooter is Mod, however. These scooters tend to be in a retro style and sometimes heavily customized.

Unlike the case with some other social subgroups, there exists no Mod ideology or philosophy(outside of a general avoidance of violence because of unwillingness to damage their clothes and the idea that, as The Who put it in one of their earliest songs "you gotta be cool"). However, this does not mean that Mods do not have any depth; only that there is no specific mindset associated with the group.
Mod and Emo have almost nothing to do with each other.
#chelsea boots #quadrophenia #blowup #the jam #scooters
by Nico the Stick-o October 05, 2005
1. Short for moderator

2. Short for modification
1. Stop trolling the forum, the mods are gonna ban you

2. Counter-Strike is my favorite Half-Life mod
#counter-strike #admin #moderator #mod #forum #game
by Terrazine October 09, 2011
an acronym for a movement started by Kota Minyota meaning Ministry or Demise, Ministry meaning Da Ambitious Ministry or D-A-M, his record label.
"If you're not with us you're against us straight up.. MoD!" - Kota Minyota
#mod #mod movement #ministry or demise #ministry #d-a-m #da ambitious ministry #kota minyota #kota #yoda
by X-quisite November 23, 2011
Shortened version of the word Moderators. Mods are usually identified on image boards and forums like 4chan. They are the staff that make sure the forum rules are being followed, and delete threads and ban users that break them. Mods are often despised and hated largely by communities like 4chan, under conviction that they are too strict and that there is too much restriction.
Anon. 2: Fucking mods, they're all fags.
#4chan #moot #imageboard #forum #moderator
by Derpasaurus July 23, 2013
adj: shorthand for modern, specifically describes something that has very horizontal or vertical lines.
That limo is so mod.
#cool #modern #chic #hip #hot
by Crazybmws September 30, 2011
Money over dick.
ladies that allways stay true and go for the money. and leave the men behind.
kelly: hmm well i could pick broke jason or tj because he has a good job and money.

caroline: you should just pick M.O.D
#money #men #independent #dick #broke
by istayfreshhh May 02, 2009
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