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custom-made; fashioned to a particular taste or demand
My tuxedo is tailor made. I chose the color and fabric.
by G dizzle izzle February 07, 2008
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An Australian slang term for a premade cigarette, usually used when your'e feeling too lazy to roll your own
"I am a lazy bastard, can I have one of your tailormades?"
by Draegath March 12, 2003
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A man who is willing to give up his manliness/ or be emasculated in order to pursue a girl he is in love with. The name originates from the popular reality T.V series "I love new York" Season 2. Whose winner (Tailor Made) was the definition a class "A" pussy who enjoyed being willingly controlled by the woman we have come to know as "New York"
Dude I think ill just stay at home with my girl tonite, she doesnt like me going out all the time.

Stop being such a Tailor Made
by Beastman5489 March 21, 2008
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