Money over dick.
ladies that allways stay true and go for the money. and leave the men behind.
kelly: hmm well i could pick broke jason or tj because he has a good job and money.

caroline: you should just pick M.O.D
by istayfreshhh May 02, 2009
To have money on demand. Meaning having money handed over imediatly from parents, usually meaning spoiled.
you're just jealous cause you don't have M.O.D!
by FallOutBoyLK14 June 23, 2005
Plural for common name for tracked music. Can be many different file formats though not just .mod

Created by using a program called a trackerTypically tracked music or mod music appears on demos. demoscene
Mods are songs
by David April 27, 2004
Multiplexed Optical Data Storage or MODS. It is a storage unit which can potentially store up to one terabyte (1,000 gigabytes) of data on one standard-size disc. MODS will be laser-based like DVDs, CDs and the new Blu-ray system but uses much more subtle variations in the way light reflects from the discs. Where existing schemes have patterns of pits that reflect the laser as a series of ones and zeros, MODS can encode and detect more than 300 variations per pit. After error correction and encoding, this leads to 10 times the data density of Blu-ray Disc, currently the record holder for consumer optical storage.
Now I can burn all my Hard Drives onto 1 MODS disc!
by JinX October 11, 2004
body modifications such as piercings, tattoos, scarifications, implants, etc.
guy 1: "i'm really happy with all the mods i've gotten"
guy 2: "if i didn't still live with my parents i would have tons of mods"
by rov3rt June 24, 2004
To mod is to break something partially so that it still works for at least part of its original uses.
Sorry, I modded my cellphone, so I can only answer calls now.
by anacreonticist January 20, 2011
Modifications. Often to a car.
A rusty K reg Vauxhall Nova 'modded' with alloy wheels worth more than the car, some stupid 'spoilers'(so-called becuase they spoil your car...) and horrendously gay neon lights. Driven by spotty chav twats, who carry out these 'mods' to their pile of crap.
by Mr GS. January 11, 2006
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