Man on duty - a guy out with a bunch of girls, obligated to take on all manly responsibilities.
Woman: you don't have to walk me home
MOD: yes I do, I'm MOD.

Guy: why'd you walk that bitch home?
MOD: I had to, I was MOD.
by dd3454p July 10, 2010
a mod short for modernist exeisted back in the 60ies /early 70ies they rode on lambrettas/vespas they listend to the who/pink fylod/the rolling stones/the kinks
the dressed in smart suits and took pills blues/extacy /anythinhg that look like a pill
and had gang bangs and orgies
the first mod e.g
keith moon (drummer from the who)
he made a hole film about mods and rockers amd included everything
by olly sarkar (mod-king) November 23, 2005
Molly Obsessive Disorder
In February 2010 a live camera feed of barn owl was set up in San Marcos, CA by Carlos Royal. The views went from 10 people to over 4 million within a month. Viewers watched the laying of six eggs of the female owl named "Molly" and the hatching of the owlets; viewers could not stop watching to work, eat, sleep, etc. and therefore had "Molly Obsessive Disorder" MOD.
by PegRod April 04, 2010
Deeply influenced by the 1960's music, style and attitudes.

Often attends Scooter Rallies but can be easily distinguished from 'Scooterboys' as they know how to use water to wash themselves.
"Look at that dirty, scruffy bloke over there, playing around with his matt black scooter, Daddy. Is he a Mod?"

" have a f*ck of a lot to learn!"
by Modman January 02, 2004
Short for moderator. For example, the moderator in an internet chat room.
by x January 31, 2003
a player in a RPG that bullies and abuses power in order to make them self feel important and powerful. MODS are genually supose to monitor the goings on in a chat forum but tend to forget there function and usually end up the main problem in a chat forum. Most MODS tend to be bitches.
The MOD made a stupid comment instead of admitting they were wrong they muted all the players so they felt better about being a bitch.

The MOD is picked on daily and feels like a loser so he escapes to the internet to bully players because the MOD is a bitch.
by Tracey01 April 19, 2008
MediOcre Dancers

MoD is a group started at Chapman University that goes wherever they want on campus and starts a dance party.

MoD Squad is about being yourself and being alive. Just dance and boogie down. You don't have to be good at it, hence MediOcre Dance Squad. You'll figure it out. Just come. Check the twitter updates on chapmanmodsquad(dot)com and we'll let you know when things are happening.
Wanna go to the bars tonight?
No, I'm going MoDding.

What are you listening to?
MoD music.
by MoD Ghetto Blaster October 28, 2008
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