when ur so mad or angry or pissed off that u have to hold urself down like a bolt
Man after i got laid off from work i was so bolted i went and shat allover my bosses desk.
by armenti February 21, 2010
becoming bolted requires the heavy drinking of a vodka called blue lightning. blue lightning is the cheapest, and possibly blackest vodka considering the fact that its is only 7 dollars and is blue rasberry flavored (but in a thug kind of way)it of course is blue
Corey got so bolted he fell asleep in a bathtub and was beyond the point of comprehension.
Wow that bitch is so bolted she gave gavin head.
by blue lightning movement February 15, 2007
A way of saying you're leaving. Usually used when you need to leave quickly, i.e. 'i'm out'
person 1: 'fool, she hella bolted out of 7th period.'
person 2: 'yee she be out on the 295 bus'
by vanwilkio September 23, 2009
To have yo hair did, like corn rows. This word was created in the third ward, because people got tired of saying corn rows.

Also means some other gay shit.
"hey fool ima be at sha-nay-nay's gettin' my head bolted."
by P-diddyliddy January 21, 2010
Someone who is really ugly, with connotations of looking like they haven't reached puberty yet or have really bad acne
Yo the itch is bolted
by D-Rock the Lone Renegade February 27, 2005

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