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Stands for Captive Bead Ring. Looks like a barbell but instead of two balls it has one ball in the center and is fully closed. Can be worn in almost any piercing.
"I need a 10g CBR"
by Shinku July 20, 2003
A straight, curved or circular piece of metal used as jewlery for piercings. Has a ball on each end that screws into the shaft. Can be made of stainless steel, titanium or niobium. Sometimes acrylic plastics are used. The different shapes often get stupid nicknames, such as belly "ring" (a curved barbell); horseshoe (circular barbell) or tounge "ring" or "stud" (a straight barbell). See also cbr.
"A 14g circular barbell"
by Shinku February 15, 2004
The little piece of cartilidge between your nostrils.
"Getting your septum pierced hurts like hell!"
by Shinku July 20, 2003
A stupid name trendies call a navel piercing. The actual jewelery put in navel piercings is a curved barbell, although sometimes cbrs are used. This name annoys the hell out of anyone who is seriously involved in piercing.
"Eeeeek! I totally got a belly ring on Friday bcuz Britney Spears does! She is totally kewl!
by Shinku March 27, 2004
A pipe (usually glass) for smoking combustible substances.
"I bought a spoon for 20 bucks at the head shop"
by Shinku August 28, 2005
The nickname for the infamous GT-R Skyline. Came into popularity in the western world in the Early 90's through its crushing defeats of the domestic models. In Australia consecutive wins of the Bathurst 1000 cemented its place in history.

2.6 Twin Turbo Creating 206+ KW (japanese regulation powers limit that is well know to be 'bent' by maufactures)

0-100: ~4.5 Sec
1/4 Mile: ~13.2 sec
Drive: 4wd

Has been known to be tuned in excess of 1000hp by Jun and Topsecret
Well i only saw the tail-lights but judging by how fast its going - GTR!
by Shinku April 28, 2003
An annoying person who tries to be your friend and follows you around.
"Tell that hanging chad to fuck off please"
by Shinku August 28, 2005

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