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4 definitions by pingz

Short for see you later.
Ok have a good time. Later.
by pingz January 30, 2003
An extremely popular mod for the Half-Life PC game in which the terrorist team tries to place a bomb as the counter terrorist team keeps them from doing so. Also referred to as CS.
I was playing Counter-Strike last night when a bunny-hopping n00b deagled me.
by pingz January 28, 2003
A cool guy with a website at www.pingz.com. Maybe someone should delete this word. =)
Dude, look out for pingz.
by pingz January 28, 2003
Short for modification. Used in reference to modification to PC games made by fans. Counter-Strike is a mod for Half-Life.
Counter-Strike is a very popular mod for Half-Life, but it sucks.
by pingz January 28, 2003