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An entertaining challenge in which the player(s) must acheive a goal to succeed.
Origionally, a video game was to be played through the television. It can be either that or on the computer.
by Josh January 30, 2004
a great way to pass the time between sleep. Not quite as good as sex but not as bad boredom. (better than sex for some people)geeksnerds
Im bored lets play metal gear solid.
by Green Dragon January 30, 2004
The fun thing you play when trying to get the VHS to work.
If it's not working now, JVC is dead.
by Quakeulf February 03, 2004
A game played on a xbox, playstation, nintindo, gamecube, gameboy, computer, or any portable game player. This is usually supposed to be fun and is rated like movies. You play it with a control pad. Thanks so much!
We invited friends over to play video games with us! Lets just say were about the BIGGEST losers in school.
by insane February 02, 2004
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