1. The world wide web, a network of computers and websites all over the world. 2. A vile cesspool of corruption and evil.
Man, the internet is creepy.
by Vic Viper Mk. II March 24, 2004
A place where absolutely nothing happens.
I am using "Internet" in a sentence.
by Phoojoeniam September 14, 2003
The name of our alien overlord. The one that the government uses to control it's people, they keep it in the basement of the White House.
"All hail! Internet!"
by Meka August 31, 2003
A web of confusion, dismay, and pornography.
I searched for 'World History' on the internet and the results showed 500 pages of pornography.
by Bastardized Bottomburp March 18, 2003
When in need of a little entertainment, I go to my laptop and get on the internet.
by #AlexFromTarget November 09, 2014
A large group of people saying random bullshit to a bunch of random asshats who don't give a flying fuck.
"Oh shit dude, just did my laundry."

"Had to goto the grocery store: I need food!"

"I'm a fucking idiot! Look at me i'm using the internet!"
by BallsAss July 02, 2009
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