An excellent creation, where you can get pretty much any information you need at the click of a mouse. But most sites (like MySpace and GameFAQs) are overrun by dumbasses, whiners, fanboys and complete assholes who will never get a life if it could save the world.
Social conversations on the internet look a bit like this:

n00b: shut up lol u r gay
Emo: omg wtf i hate you now im gonna cut myself lol

Sensible gamer: I believe the Wii will be better than the PS3 because I feel like playing in a different way this gen.
by DudeWho'sJustABitNuts October 23, 2006
refer to pornography
apparently there is pornographic material on the internet, shocking i know.
by Sponge August 10, 2004
1. The world wide web, a network of computers and websites all over the world. 2. A vile cesspool of corruption and evil.
Man, the internet is creepy.
by Vic Viper Mk. II March 24, 2004
A place where absolutely nothing happens.
I am using "Internet" in a sentence.
by Phoojoeniam September 14, 2003
Thee who oposes thy lord, without cable thy shall fail. With 56k they shall fall, where art thou oc-192.
by Brad July 29, 2003
an evil void filled with porn and advertisements where fat old rednecks can look at boobs for ten hours and destroy theyre only chance to get into heaven.
The anticrist has taken control of the world and his name is "Internet".
by Anonymous June 18, 2003
Supposedly a medium for exchanging data and educational resources. Now it's just a place where you can find porn, warez, and drugs.
I'm gonna go surf the Internet today.
by AYB March 10, 2003

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