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Cute brown girl that everyone loves more than anything and looks cute in everything shes wearing. Silly and fun adorable kid lyl Mahwish
by Hoochie April 08, 2003
Phrase used in discussion regarding any hot young teen, who appears to look as if past age of consent - but due to sexed up Lolita-like presentation and no tangible proof of birth - quite possibly might be jail bait.
Jim and Darren, both stumped regarding Hilary Duff's true age, but nonetheless turned on by the young starlet's god given talents, decided that she was quite jail debatable.
by hoochie May 08, 2004
The sugary left-over milk that resides in your bowl after you have finished all of the cereal.

A highly concentrated mixture of sugar and milk often slurped directly from the bowl.
Hayley always looked forward to slurping the blue tinged shilk after a big bowl of Boo-Berry cereal was finished.
by hoochie September 12, 2004
a place were u go wen u cant get none
by hoochie June 07, 2003
means you have a detachable penis..so when you take it off you have a pussy
rozie has a pennipussy
by hoochie August 04, 2004
Petrified of Penises. A group of girls who are scared to have anything to do with penises. Started by Vanessa
Proud member of P.O.P
by Hoochie October 05, 2004

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