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1) A chick who has a high maintenance/better-than-you attitude and acts like you aren't worth her time; 2) a chick who nags and is controlling in a relationship

origin: San Diego
dude, that chick is such a beating. she won't let John come to the movies with us because she thinks he'll go pickin up on other girls


sheesh, that chick is a beating, she thinks she's better than everyone else
by Brandon April 04, 2005
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having to much sex in a short period of time like having sex 7 times in 1 day
dude last night my dick got such a beating cause i pulled an all-nighter
by 2fast4u2handle June 30, 2010
A reference for sexual intercourse when the word Fuck can't be used due to your setting or being inappropriate.
Sorry I didn't answer your call last night. I was beating hole.
by blunt but funny January 01, 2016
The act of feeding continuously throughout a prolonged period of time. Usually involving solid food, but not limited to it.
Continuously doing something involves the term "been doing".
Feeding usually brings to mind "eating".
"been" + "eating" = "beating".

Origin of term:
Legendary members of, neil1138 and Gheybe, created this term during a late night talk over Facebook Chat.
Gheybe: "Hey Neil. I think you are pretty awesome."
Neil: "What is this shenanigans?"
Gheybe: "hahahah
i dont know
wanted to annoy you
how are you man?"
Neil: "hungry
need food naow"
Gheybe: "i KNOWWWW same here
i dont know why"
Neil: "otherwise I'm good"
Gheybe: "ive beating 3 digiornos tonight"
by PrinceShagswell June 30, 2010
Generally used to imply someone was driving a point home in a conversation or lecture, possibly in an annoying or tedious way.
"He kept beating on to me about how important it was to wash my hands afterwards..."
by PRAEst76 February 10, 2005
A term used to describe a certain kind of sex.
Man !, That boy Alex Sure knows how to beat cakes, i was walking strange all week.
by Troy May 03, 2003
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