A web of confusion, dismay, and pornography.
I searched for 'World History' on the internet and the results showed 500 pages of pornography.
by Bastardized Bottomburp March 18, 2003
God's notepad.
The Internet said so.
by Non-Player Character July 17, 2012
"Internets" is an expression, written in September 1999 inside of the 'Metro' newspaper (published in Czech Republic), by Věra Pohlová. She said "Tyhle aféry každého jenom otravují. Já bych všechny ty internety a počítače zakázala." ("These affair only bother everyone. I would disallow all those internets and computers.") as an opinion on an affair, about leaking private data from the 'Česká spořitelna' bank trough an internet.
I would disallow all those internets!

I would disallow all those <fill in anything!>
by Batrachus August 21, 2011
Internet is for POOL!
B says... ¿Isn't internet for porn?
D answers... Nope, internet is for POOL! TuBillar.com

by berushka April 16, 2009
The world's biggest repository of porn.
the internet is for porn.
by Ikin May 30, 2008
What was, is and shall ever be. And probably something else too.
I saw it on the internet
by 4657745567 December 09, 2006
Basically, a gigantci porography add,with a few World of Warcraft forums to mix things up. Urban Dictionary is here too, but only nerds look at that crap.
Hey Frank, what are you going to do on the internet?

Oh, I was gonna play WoW, then masturbate to some porn!

Yeah, so your not gonna check out Urban Dictionary?

What? Do I look like a loser to you?
by Waqcku May 28, 2005

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