An incredibly powerful source of porn and advertisements to find your old classmates.
He's downloading porn from the INTERNET.

My INTERNET is slow! I need faster porn!
by Glorioso July 06, 2004
A collection of terabytes of data ranging from MIME to .exe's
I died b4 I finished downloading the internet. haha
by Jie Chou September 22, 2003
The name of our alien overlord. The one that the government uses to control it's people, they keep it in the basement of the White House.
"All hail! Internet!"
by Meka August 31, 2003
1) A virtual network where people can either conduct e-business or find information.
2) A virtual network where social rejects can act like tough guys and "e-pimps" since their monitor provides protection from the rest of the internet, and the warm glow of the monitor also happens to be the hottest thing they'll ever find in their sex life.
1) I need to find out the weather report for tommorow and directions to get to the plaza on the other side of the state, I'll look it up on the internet!

2) Hahz! I just beat you in counter strike which means my penis is larger then yours!
by hatred April 27, 2003
A web of confusion, dismay, and pornography.
I searched for 'World History' on the internet and the results showed 500 pages of pornography.
by Bastardized Bottomburp March 18, 2003
A place where kids go and never grow up.
Little johny has been on the Internet for 7 years now, he's 17 and acts like a 10 year old.
by noobkiller55 September 04, 2012
1.An entity consisting of over 9000 million servers connected with one another. Its purpose is to host and distribute information and to make communication easier.

2.Serious business
The internet is serious fucking business! Don't forget it, bitch!
by PresidentMudkip July 14, 2011

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