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an evil void filled with porn and advertisements where fat old rednecks can look at boobs for ten hours and destroy theyre only chance to get into heaven.
The anticrist has taken control of the world and his name is "Internet".
by Anonymous June 18, 2003
A vast network of data that is

40% pornography

30% cat pictures

19% creeps

10% advertisements

10% the word "gay"

1% relevant information

All of which is spied on by the NSA
People keep saying that we should go back to the "Glory days" of the 1950's. But we can't; now we have the internet.
by Name removed by the NSA November 15, 2013
The largest insane asylum in existence, run and managed by the inmates.
The inmates Arkham Asylum seem sane and reasonable compared to the people on the Internet.
by Voz March 12, 2012
The reason why I'm still a virgin.
Guy #1: Dude did you and your girlfriend do it yet?
Guy #2: No i was too busy using the internet.
by smaga December 27, 2011
the place were you find the a to z of porn and porn related products its the high way of fast pornographic sites that help with wanking and poking if you are a girl
Dave: hey what are you doing
John: just on the internet
Dave: nice can i see
by boom234 July 13, 2011
A great place for insecure people
lets send mean things and mean comments about pointless videos and websites with the internet!
by mycowmoos:) January 16, 2011
the one place where everyone is a hardass.
hardass 1: im gunna fuck your mom tonight. hardass 2: fuck you bitch im gunna kick your ass.. over the internet.
by A7X HU January 29, 2010