the one place where everyone is a hardass.
hardass 1: im gunna fuck your mom tonight. hardass 2: fuck you bitch im gunna kick your ass.. over the internet.
by A7X HU January 29, 2010
A large repository of every idea you could ever have, no matter how clever or seemingly unique it may be.
I thought of "That's nacho cheese, it's mine!" but the Internet already had that in about a million places.
by guruboy January 20, 2010
most addicting drug in the world
OMG i have no internet!!! (rocks back and fort)
by iluvinternet December 17, 2009
A large group of people saying random bullshit to a bunch of random asshats who don't give a flying fuck.
"Oh shit dude, just did my laundry."

"Had to goto the grocery store: I need food!"

"I'm a fucking idiot! Look at me i'm using the internet!"
by BallsAss July 02, 2009
The greatest source of PORN :) ever! unless you have like AOL or NetZero or something like that, that takes 2 hours just for a game to finish loading... then you hate to even think about getting on the net.
Woa look at that hot chick!!! Ima watch this video!!

(30 minutes later)

Gosh Dammit only 1 min. has loaded! you have got to be kidding me!! UGH this stupid slow Internet!!!
by Poker Face Face May 29, 2009
According to Wikipedia, Al Gore said: I'll be offering my vision when my campaign begins. And it will be comprehensive and sweeping. And I hope that it will be compelling enough to draw people toward it. I feel that it will be. But it will emerge from my dialogue with the American people. I've traveled to every part of this country during the last six years. During my service in the United States Congress, I took the initiative in creating the Internet. I took the initiative in moving forward a whole range of initiatives that have proven to be important to our country's economic growth and environmental protection, improvements in our educational system. 96

In Manchester, New Hampshire campaigning for President of the United States in 1999

UCLA professor of information studies Philip E. Agre and journalist Eric Boehlert argued that three articles in Wired News led to the creation of the widely spread urban legend that Gore claimed to have "invented the Internet," which followed this interview.979899 In addition, computer professionals and congressional colleagues argued in his defense. Internet pioneers Vint Cerf and Bob Kahn stated that "we don't think, as some people have argued, that Gore intended to claim he 'invented' the Internet. Moreover, there is no question in our minds that while serving as Senator, Gore's initiatives had a significant and beneficial effect on the still-evolving Internet."10098 Cerf would also later state: "Al Gore had seen what happened with the National Interstate and Defense Highways Act of 1956, which his father introduced as a military bill. It was very powerful. Housing went up, suburban boom happened, everybody became mobile. Al was attuned to the power of networking much more than any of his elective colleagues. His initiatives led directly to the commercialization of the Internet. So he really does deserve credit."101 Former Republican Speaker of the United States House of Representatives Newt Gingrich also stated: "In all fairness, it's something Gore had worked on a long time. Gore is not the Father of the Internet, but in all fairness, Gore is the person who, in the Congress, most systematically worked to make sure that we got to an Internet, and the truth is -- and I worked with him starting in 1978 when I got to Congress, we were both part of a "futures group" -- the fact is, in the Clinton administration, the world we had talked about in the '80s began to actually happen."102 Finally, Wolf Blitzer (who conducted the original 1999 interview) stated in 2008 that: "I didn't ask him about the Internet. I asked him about the differences he had with Bill Bradley ... Honestly, at the time, when he said it, it didn't dawn on me that this was going to have the impact that it wound up having, because it was distorted to a certain degree and people said they took what he said, which was a carefully phrased comment about taking the initiative and creating the Internet to -- I invented the Internet. And that was the sort of shorthand, the way his enemies projected it and it wound up being a devastating setback to him and it hurt him, as I'm sure he acknowledges to this very day."103
The GOP invented the claim that Al Gore claimed to have invented the Internet.
by Peter L. Richardson March 14, 2009
A global pornography network.
I l0v3 to search joor foumz and act c00l 0v3r th3 internet. And then I go on redtube and wankz to it.
by george allen November 22, 2007

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