1) A virtual network where people can either conduct e-business or find information.
2) A virtual network where social rejects can act like tough guys and "e-pimps" since their monitor provides protection from the rest of the internet, and the warm glow of the monitor also happens to be the hottest thing they'll ever find in their sex life.
1) I need to find out the weather report for tommorow and directions to get to the plaza on the other side of the state, I'll look it up on the internet!

2) Hahz! I just beat you in counter strike which means my penis is larger then yours!
by hatred April 27, 2003
The reason why I'm still a virgin.
Guy #1: Dude did you and your girlfriend do it yet?
Guy #2: No i was too busy using the internet.
by smaga December 27, 2011
the one place where everyone is a hardass.
hardass 1: im gunna fuck your mom tonight. hardass 2: fuck you bitch im gunna kick your ass.. over the internet.
by A7X HU January 29, 2010
A large repository of every idea you could ever have, no matter how clever or seemingly unique it may be.
I thought of "That's nacho cheese, it's mine!" but the Internet already had that in about a million places.
by guruboy January 20, 2010
most addicting drug in the world
OMG i have no internet!!! (rocks back and fort)
by iluvinternet December 17, 2009
The net webbing inside of your bathing suit.
Paul: Have guys check out my internet!

Jon: Your too poor to have internet!

Paul: No, the internet in my swim trunks, asshole.
by Imammyself July 30, 2009
The world's biggest repository of porn.
the internet is for porn.
by Ikin May 30, 2008

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