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the act of lonely depressed jealous masturbation. This mainly occurs when you are angry/jealous that your buddy or roommate is the next room having audible sex, and you are left alone with the world wide web and a bottle of lotion
"i could hear them having the hottest loudest sex ever while i was alone playing Halo, and the girl he was with was freakin hot! ........ It kinda turned me on. So i got the laptop out and engaged in an intense frusterbation sesh. Im really lonely dude"
by digggzy February 16, 2010
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frusterbation: noun, the state of being sexually unsatisfied after repeatedly trying for an excessively long time, perhaps as a failed attempt at masturbation.
frusterbate: verb transitive, to induce the state of frusterbation.
First he went down on me, then he tried toys, nothing worked, I was completely frusterbated.
Man, talk about frusterbation, I was so close, then my ma walked in my room and said dinner was ready so I had to torque that baby down into my grundies.
by shoots-the-moon March 02, 2010

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