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a word that is used alot in The Giver, when a boy or girl when hits the adolesent stage and gets dreams of sexual longing for the other sex.
Mom: " johny what did u dream about last night?"

johny : " well it was about amber and she was in a bikini dancing infront of me"

Dad: "looks like someone got their stirrings!"

by smackdatsoujaboy March 25, 2008
1. Exciting strong feelings, as of inspiration; rousing.
2. Active; lively.
I was stirring about an hour when i saw her .
by Darken96 December 26, 2011
A word used in The Giver, when a male or female has a wet dream or sexual dream about the opposite gender.
Boy: I had a dream i was bathing Jessica last night.
Mom: looks like someone there stirrings last night
by Theterrarian May 16, 2016
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