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To replace the word "fucking" when you are saying/writing it for a large audience, esp. in a business setting.
This freakin project is driving me crazy!
#fuck #fucking #freakin #fcuk #fucker
by Ricc March 14, 2006
Word used in place of "fucking."
"What the freakin hell?!"
#fuckin #fuck #fucking #frickin #freak
by niggamac September 05, 2006
1. An option to saying fucking

2. To be tripping out, or Flipping out.

1. I'm so freakin pissed off.

2. I'm totally freakin out man
#fuck #trippin #freaking #freaked #flipping
by Ninja Kid Jenn December 23, 2007
A way to say the word fucking around the office.
That guy is freakin' good.
by slonob February 01, 2004
the act of freaking out or over reacting about something.
"Man, Chad was freakin' last night."
#freaking out #over reacting #freakin #chill #freak #freakazoid
by chadrulezz May 20, 2007
adj., used for emphasis, replaces the more vulgar fucking or fuckin'. Used mainly by middle-aged women.
I am so freakin' mad at those kids on my lawn.

James Taylor is freakin' awesome!
#frackin' #fucking #fuckin' #fugging #gosh darned
by takingadayoff November 13, 2008
This is a common pratice with Black and Mild brand cigars, take out the inner wrapper (sometimes termed "cancer paper"), and put the tobacco back in. Once this has been done, the Black & Mild is said to have been Freaked, Champed, Hyped, or Migged.
A rook dumps all the tobacco out of the B&M to remove the paper and then stuffs that shit back in, a G be freakin dat B&M without taking the tobacco out!
#freaking #freak #freak a black and mild #freakin #freakin a black and mild
by GondyChi July 22, 2009
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