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2 definitions by twiggiwig

Jerking off or masturbating without achieving orgasm leaving intense frustration.


adjective for something you nearly achieved, but failed at.
Example 1 - My girlfriend was giving me a great handjob last night, until the phone rang and she stopped to answer it. I was so frusterbated.

Example 2 - Man I am so frusterbated, I was halfway through and realized I was late for work and had to stop to get ready.

Example 3 - I was on the last level of that game and the computer crashed on the final scene. So frusterbating!
by twiggiwig July 22, 2009
A cat. Combination of the words "potter" and "meow" and pronounced accordingly.
I fed the potermows this morning, they are so sweet.
by twiggiwig July 22, 2009