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noun: one who suffers from spermatophobia, or a person who obsesses about avoiding contact with germs.
Harry is such a germophobe. He's stuck in the bathroom again until someone opens the door for him.

Poor Sally, she's a germophobe. Her hands are raw red from washing them so much. Why did she take that job at the free clinic?
by shoots-the-moon March 07, 2010
frusterbation: noun, the state of being sexually unsatisfied after repeatedly trying for an excessively long time, perhaps as a failed attempt at masturbation.
frusterbate: verb transitive, to induce the state of frusterbation.
First he went down on me, then he tried toys, nothing worked, I was completely frusterbated.
Man, talk about frusterbation, I was so close, then my ma walked in my room and said dinner was ready so I had to torque that baby down into my grundies.
by shoots-the-moon March 02, 2010
The feeling of sadness felt when one notices their friend count decrease after being defriended.
Randy was overcome by a wave of friendecrement when his wife defriended him on facebook.
by shoots-the-moon February 04, 2010
when one spouse notifies the other of an intent to divorce by defriending them on facebook.
Colleen defacedbooked her soon to be ex-husband today.
A wave of friendecrement struck him as he noticed his friend count decrease.
by shoots-the-moon February 04, 2010
verb, intransitive: during intercourse to withdraw at climax and ejaculate across her bare buttocks as is commonly done in x-rated films.
So did you cum inside her? No man, she wanted me to shoot the moon.
by shoots-the-moon September 06, 2010

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