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a person who is generally stressed out or frustrated due to either lack of sex/sexual encounters or due to bad sex.
signs of the sexually frustrated are said to include chewing ice, eating chocolate and peeling labels off of beer bottles, although most people think these are just 'old wives tales'
i'm so sexually frustrated because not only have i not had sex for 9 months, every guy i meet is a loser!
by jane_bond October 26, 2003
When you decide that this is the reason for everything
He sent me a text saying hi, he's probably sexually frustrated
by TheOGpussyslayer July 02, 2016
What 90% of the world's leaders are.
If Bush, Kim Jong Il, Bin Laden, Blair, Putin and Nasrallah had some TLC, they wouldn't be sexually frustrated, and a lot of wars would stop.
by FuckConformityAndStupidJerks:) January 20, 2007
mad because of the fact that you haven't had sex in a long time, or haven't had sex at all
Friend: Yo man i just got laid today!! it was great!

Alain: Ugh im sooooo mad i.... -kicks his dog coco-

Friend: Man you killed your dog, you are clearly sexually frustrated
by moisttowelettefrumdahud January 09, 2011
a person who has sex issues
omg aubrey is such a homo. she takes her sexual frustrations out on trees
by someone SPECIAL...ED October 18, 2003
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