Used to describe completely unique, amazing thing that graces this world with its dark prowess.

It defines the complete and flawless beauty of said thing.

It is capable of leaving viewers breathless and may cause lasting spelling impediments due to the sheer volume of perfect filling the pupils.
That loch ness monstah sure is Frumpy.
by Savagemelons September 23, 2012
its when your hair is sexy but also clumpy.
oh my god that girls hair is so frumpy!

i want frumpy hair.
by cory shepard December 02, 2011
frumpy defines an morbidly obese walrus ressembling chunky/pudgy woman whom enjoy children. These creature are rare, and generally live in the basement of a mcdonalds, and have a strict diet of one inch wonders.
Yo, we all be frumpy mofo's.
by oneinchwonders<3 December 08, 2011
Fat, Retarded and Lumpy
Fat chicks with tattoos that think their hot. Usually with gross red arms, lumpy cottage cheese legs. Can be recognized most times with names like Amy, Megan, Courtney and Bridget Overall gross but thinks their hot shit.

" dude did you see that chicks frumpy arms at the subway?"
by green_peace89 August 20, 2011
Adjective- Used to describe someone is being "fucking grumpy."
Kelsey/Alex/Nora/Caitlin, stop being so frumpy.
by President Heckman September 30, 2009
aging miserable chicks who live in their own fantasy world that after graduating from college believe they are going to get married and have children. Hence the fantasy world.
these are the chicks we need to hang out with
instead of these frumpy ass broads
by inyourdreams99 August 11, 2010
getting a blowjob while taking a dump on a toilet
J.P. asked Amanda to come over and give him frumpy because he had to take a shit.
by J.P. Kelly April 13, 2011

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