Someone (most often female) who isn't overweight, but considerably out of shape. Like if your ass eats your pants when you walk, or your stomach folds over the rim of your pants.
"Her ass is way too frumpy for those white pants."
by Trista September 16, 2004
slightly messy hair to the extent that its cute, big bows and no make up.

not to be confused with ' could care less about appearance ' frumpy
FRUMPYGRL : i decided to wear a side ponytail today

POSSIBLEPEDO : i see, you also wore your oversized hoodie, looking quite frumpy baby

FRUMPYGRL : lolyay
by icantdoacartwheel November 14, 2009
hot mess
yo you see that frumpy chick over by the bar or

Guy 1- "yo i wana take home a hot frumpy chick"
Guy 2- "dude thats an oxymoron"
by da kid 15 August 25, 2010
Used to describe completely unique, amazing thing that graces this world with its dark prowess.

It defines the complete and flawless beauty of said thing.

It is capable of leaving viewers breathless and may cause lasting spelling impediments due to the sheer volume of perfect filling the pupils.
That loch ness monstah sure is Frumpy.
by Savagemelons September 23, 2012
a person or thing which is fat and unattractive
According to ESPN "the TCU of the mid-1990s had grown old and frumpy."
by the guppy October 10, 2011
Fat, Retarded and Lumpy
Fat chicks with tattoos that think their hot. Usually with gross red arms, lumpy cottage cheese legs. Can be recognized most times with names like Amy, Megan, Courtney and Bridget Overall gross but thinks their hot shit.

" dude did you see that chicks frumpy arms at the subway?"
by green_peace89 August 20, 2011
A woman that is generally sloppy in appearance, smell, and purveys a uniquely obtrusive personality. When alcohol is involved the frumpyness of the subject is thought to increase 10 fold, and people unfortunately associated with said subject will produce almost any excuse to vacate the local vicinity.
Man...who keeps inviting her around? Melitha is SO frumpy. Seriously, I could smell that dragon breath coming from a mile away, and why is she dressed like Kanye West?!
by ChuckNasty89 February 25, 2011

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