A person who wears a shirt with a jumper who DOES NOT have a job where this is required.
damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn What is she wearing?! She is such a Frumpy mumpy (see frumpy mumpy)
by bella spanish June 25, 2007
A sexual act often confused with the grumpkin, where the male gives anal sex for such an extended period of time. Then when the penis is removed the loosened bowels spill out after a tap on the stomach
David gave a frumpy to jason and let the bowel spill in his mouth
by john September 05, 2003
Sarah's and Dave's state of mixed and confused emotions.
That girl's a bitch, and she put me in a frumpy mood.(So i beat her with my frumpy)
by SarahDave December 18, 2005
a male penis
hey bitch get on the floor and i'll beat you with my frumpy
by meg January 10, 2004
It is a combination of Extremely/mad/grumpy. It also is a slang word for pubic hair

best used when little brother just gets yelled at by your mom.
"why are you soo frumpy?"
"you look cute when ur frumpy"

"can i see your frumpy?"
by Kevin Shizzle December 09, 2003
When two fat gay people have anal sex on a waterbed
did you hear about jeff and ben? i hear they had frumpy last night
by Che and Da joker April 19, 2005
Having a girl give you a blow job while sitting on the toilet and taking a dump at the same time
I gave yo mamma a frumpy last night
by Brian February 15, 2003

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