The ever-illusive combination of when a person is both visibly frowning, and also emitting an unmistakable aura of grumpiness.
Also see Frumpadocious.
Convinced this girl I'd been seeing to give me a blumpkin.
I was kind of gassy from tacos though, and my grundle was kind of damp...
Long story short, she was quite frumpy by the end of the evening.
by kosherbowler September 12, 2009
ADJ. A milder word for describing a young female as slightly overweight, and homely all at once.
I hope none of my friends find out I had sex with Jenny jenny, she's frumpy.
by Mike June 20, 2003
Sloppy ugly lazy butch chick who loves to lie and make up stories
When she walks it makes me sick because she is so frumpy and I know the next word out of her frumpy mouth is a lie.
by Cooljo April 22, 2011
getting a blowjob while taking a dump on a toilet
J.P. asked Amanda to come over and give him frumpy because he had to take a shit.
by J.P. Kelly April 13, 2011
abdominal cramp, gas, putrid smelling hot flatulence.
"Are you feeling frumpy? The crapper shack half a mile back."
by noixz January 14, 2009
bitchy... straight up rude, bad attitude, someone who seems like they would be cool but they just rub you the wrong way
That girl thinks she is the shit but everyone thinks she is flat out frumpy.
by dumbbitch2323 September 26, 2008
frumpy - n/v. - Solely in young teen groups, frumpy is a sexual slang term referring to an act of which a woman sucks on a man's testes while he poops on her chest.
Did you hear? John and Kate had sex, including the frumpy position.
by colinthegr8 April 24, 2009

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