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slang defination:

hound, spy, solicitation for a certain kind of information
"stalking wide looking eyeball gawk, snide."
by noixz January 14, 2009
soccer based game to improve flexibility and technique when playing soccer or for dance.
"over there playing hackey sack."
by noixz January 15, 2009
Adult term: either to just be held, or held with clothed action, not penetration, not oral, boning, layered clothing action. Or an adult love without touching, "yin yangin. In love."
"They fixin ta spoon, call them a cab."
by noixz January 15, 2009
integrate/interrogate Introduce to new by teaching, asking question and possibly relocating appropriate.

intragate in'd in the dictionary.
Intragated a new way to acknowledge and communicate
by noixz January 15, 2009
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