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to vent, use a lot of words, free form rap, a braindump of ideas.

could be used to describe a lengthy blog post, or a boring speech.

can be used in a positive or negitive way.
wow honey, that was quite a spill.
by Jesse Colburn August 14, 2007
1. To knock over a liquid of some sort.
2. To tell everything.
3. To fall.
4. To do poorly.
1. Man, my Mom's gonna kill me for spilling that red wine on her pillow. That stuff never comes out.
2. Come on, spill. What did you do?
3. Man, that was a gnarly spill I took on the 360, man.
4. Her grades took a major spill this year. I think she'll have to do summer school.
by M.E.R.E.D.I.T.H!! June 17, 2007
(v) to ejaculate, primarily for females
"Yo that loose bitch I fucked last night... she spilled all over my sheets."
by TomiDat October 27, 2006
The Christmas tree needles that have fallen off of the tree and unto the floor.
Let's take out the tree and vacuum up the spills.
by EJ GF November 29, 2007
(v) To take a taste of, hit of, sip of, drag of, pull of. Generally, any form of tasting or taking a small portion of something.
1: "Yo man, lemme get a spill of that rum and coke"
2: "Sure, lemme get a spill of that cigar first"
by Mike February 23, 2005
1)adj. Refers to the fat which "spills" out over the top of a (usually, although spills can be male as well, if the spilling is that revolting) female's pants. Such breeds of this animal that have been officially documented include: the double spill, the 270 degree spill, the 260 degree spill, the half spill, the vaginal spill, among others.

2)noun A nickname given to those who spill.
1) Oh god, look at those spills, they make me want to vomit.

The half spill is a rare creature, rarely seen out of its natural habitat.

2) Damn! Check out Spills! That bitch is spillin!

Oh god! Look at Spills Jr.!
by PLagg January 24, 2005
to ditch someone or to leave a group.

or to "spill" out of a group.
Jason: "Bro, this party is boring."

Hyde: "Get Kelly and George and spill this place."

Jason: "Alright, man."
by Catty McFatty July 14, 2011
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