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1. The name given to an apartment which you rent weekly or monthly.
2. The name given to someone who is not cool and is dull and boring
3. The name given to a woman with no or hardly any breasts.
4. Something which is level, does not decrease or increase.
5. The name given to something filled with air which is now de-flated.
1. Wanna come back to my flat?
2. Stop being so flat, come to the party!
3. I realised last nite that my girlfriend was flat and she had been putting tissue in her bra, damn!
4. This years profit margin was flat.
5. Shit! How am i going to get to the prom now, the god damned tyres are flat.
by UncleBeef March 23, 2003
adj. Used to describe a person of the female sex as to having no breasts.
She is flat as a board!
She is flat as a brick.
Your mom is like a carpet, flat and always getting laid by Mexicans.
by Tim Finney March 22, 2003
Used to describe soda that has been left out too long or is old, thus losing its carbon-doxide infused goodness that we like to call fizz. It is not good. It makes people sad.

flat's best friend and synonym is warm.
You asshole! This whole 12-pack is flat!
by Dre March 04, 2005
Runflat tires; tires that will never ever pop. THey will let u keep on rollin
if you ridin' rims u gotta ride flats
by PsychoticIdiot May 04, 2006
an adjective used to describe a girl with no ass or tits.
yo mama's so flat the wall's jealous of her
by pascal July 23, 2004
Flats are neverflats with hardly any tire on dem mothafuckas cuz the rims is so damn big!!! If u ride on rims while u r runnin dem Flats dats what it is rite der!!! U gotta have like an inch of tire on dat mothafucka..So can be pushin some straight tight shit.. if u do this all da hoes will be on yo joc big tym.. Then u can have somethin in common wit Dem Franchize Boyz but dats as close as u gone get to dem boyz!!!
If ya ride rims ya gotta ride flats!!!
by Monsta May 16, 2006
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