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1. The name given to an apartment which you rent weekly or monthly.
2. The name given to someone who is not cool and is dull and boring
3. The name given to a woman with no or hardly any breasts.
4. Something which is level, does not decrease or increase.
5. The name given to something filled with air which is now de-flated.
1. Wanna come back to my flat?
2. Stop being so flat, come to the party!
3. I realised last nite that my girlfriend was flat and she had been putting tissue in her bra, damn!
4. This years profit margin was flat.
5. Shit! How am i going to get to the prom now, the god damned tyres are flat.
by UncleBeef March 23, 2003
1. A female who pleases you no matter what, and appeals to you more than any other.
2. The name given to a female who is rich and arrogant.
3. The name given to a child pornographic photo which arouses a paedophile.
1. Your my perfect girl, wanna make out?
2. She such a fucking perfect girl.
3. www.kiddieporn.com
by UncleBeef March 23, 2003

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