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Being Flat Down Below, Having No Genitals And Being A Fag
Name Starting With P And Ending With N Flat
by PlooutionSux March 20, 2012
1 2
British a bunch of rooms on one floor - a single-story building. It is commonly confused with "flat," meaning apartment.
i live in a flat, but not an apartment.
by I belie definitions September 08, 2006
8 9
Short for "Feel/felt like a twat".
Some Guy: Dude! Why didn't you ask her out?
Dude: I totally flatted.
by Adamsuperkewl November 01, 2010
2 4
The conclusion one comes to when looking at a women's body and her butt or chest is flat. The difference is told by saying if the front or back is flat.
We saw these sexy girls walking down the street. I wanted to talk to them, but then I saw they were too flat in the back.
by Look at it! March 26, 2010
3 5
a skanky little ho who thinks she has a chest and walks around looking like a board
hey sexy, dont you think im hott?
you flat as hell woman
flat? what do you mean, flat?
by FuckAnarchy907 July 21, 2006
40 42
bad; boring; dull; opposite of steep
Homework is so flat!
by Eileen March 14, 2003
7 10
Uncool, bogus, lame, wack, or dick.
I got fired today for smoking weed in the bathroom...my boss was totally flat about it.
by J March 12, 2003
9 12